Help for fear of flying in Boston and beyond


I’m Dr. Vikki Brown, and if you’ve landed here because you, or someone you know, has a fear of flying, you’ve arrived at the right place! With over twenty years of experience, both as a flight attendant and as a licensed psychologist, I especially enjoy helping anxious flyers become comfortable with air travel.

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I offer consultation, individual assistance and small group classes to fearful flyers in metro and greater Boston. Through the years, drawing on the knowledge and skills learned in my dual careers, I have successfully helped many people overcome their fear of flying. I would welcome the opportunity to help you or someone you care about.

By visiting my website you have already shown interest and curiosity, two essential ingredients for success in overcoming your fears. Whether you’re someone who has never flown before, or an anxious flyer hoping to stop dreading and avoiding air travel, please be assured that there is plenty of help available. If you’ve already explored some of the many resources and treatment options for flight phobia and still fear air travel — don’t worry — this doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. Since each person has their own unique experiences and concerns about flying, what may be helpful to one person, may not be helpful at all to another. Finding the correct approach to your fear of flying is what will make becoming a relaxed air traveler an attainable goal.