Help for fear of flying in Boston and beyond

About Dr. Vikki Brown

With a grandfather who was an early aviator, and a great uncle who was both a military and private pilot, perhaps a love of flying is in my genes.

My entry into the airline world as a flight attendant offered me many opportunities along with an education in aspects of human nature not easily learned in an institution. I was also very fortunate to be hired at a time when the airline industry was booming.  Rising quickly in seniority, I was able to choose more flexible work schedules that allowed me to return to graduate school. After receiving my doctorate degree from Boston University, I pursued post-doctoral training for three years as an Advanced Fellow in Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology at Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School.

Following my academic work and clinical training, I continued to divide my time between my flight attendant career and my work as a psychologist and clinical faculty for Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School for over 15 years. Now in private practice, I continue my affiliation with Cambridge Health Alliance as a faculty member in psychology for Harvard Medical School.

It was a difficult decision to give up my flight attendant career and the airline lifestyle. It’s a great pleasure now, however, to share my love of flying by helping anxious flyers become calm air travelers.