Help for fear of flying in Boston and beyond

My Approach

I believe a personalized plan, tailored toward one’s specific concerns and goals, leads to success most quickly.

A more personalized approach to your fears about flying takes into account the knowledge, strengths and talents you already have, and offers the opportunity to develop new skills and strategies that can serve you best. With full appreciation that change comes about in many different ways, I work collaboratively and flexibly, using both my knowledge and skill base and yours. Whether you want to become a comfortable frequent flyer or you’re interested in only occasional air travel, my goal is to help you reach your goals as efficiently and quickly as possible.

In my work with anxious flyers, I take a knowledge and strength-based approach, grounded in science about the brain and emotions. In addition to cognitive/behavioral treatment strategies, I am also equipped to offer Virtual Reality exposure and biofeedback to enhance treatment effectiveness.

Building your knowledge base about aviation and the aircraft environment can be very important in easing your fears. Equally important however, is learning and understanding more about anxiety and your own fear responses. While my airline career taught me a lot about aviation and how to help people be more comfortable and feel secure in flight, I also draw upon my training and experience as a psychologist with a specialization in the treatment of anxiety disorders. I especially enjoy bringing new understandings in neuroscience and mind/body relationships into my work with anxious flyers.

I also enjoy sharing my own airline experiences as a flight attendant and traveler.

My clients have often found learning more about flight crew members, their training, and how they experience flying from a personal perspective, to be very helpful. My twenty plus years as a flight attendant have given me plenty of experiences I’m happy to disclose. Now, as a frequent passenger, I’ll also gladly share the resources and strategies that I have learned to keep my travels as pleasant and stress free as possible.